Article VII Officers


Section 1. The Officers of this labor organization shall be the following:
1. President (1)
2. Vice President (1)
3. Secretary (1)
4. Treasurer (1)
5. Sergeant-at-Arms (1)
6. Trustee (2)
7. Business Agent (1)
Section 2. To be eligible for office in this labor organization, a member must have been in continuous good standing for one year immediately preceding election.
Section 3. The local may waive the time restrictions if nobody within the above guidelines is interested in holding a position. In order to waive the time restriction, a three-fifths {3/5s} vote of the current executive board must be in favor of the waiver.
Section 4. No member shall simultaneously hold two {2} offices in this organization.
Section 5. The Executive Board of this labor organization shall consist of all officers, except that any member who ceases to be in good standing shall automatically lose his -or- her seat on the Executive Board and his -or- her office.
Section 6. All vacancies in office shall be filled until the next regular election by appointment by the President and approved by the Executive Board. For approval, a three-fifths {3/5s} vote of the current executive board must be in favor of the appointment.
Section 7. All General Members in good standing are eligible for appointment to committees.
Section 8. Any member of the executive board, trustees or stewards that apply for a supervisory position within the company shall immediately resign their position with the union.


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