Article VI Membership


Section 1. Membership shall be open to all persons assigned to armed and unarmed security, and who are employed in good standing in the district and jurisdiction of Local 883. The support of the International Constitution and Government of the United States in mandatory.

Section 2. A General Member is considered in good standing when payment of all initiation fees, dues, fines, assessments and are in compliance with all provisions of these By-Laws. The General Member shall be afforded all rights to attended meetings, speak at meetings, make motions, second motions, and vote.

Section 3. No member shall knowingly -and/or- fraudulently cause harm to another member and shall be the duty & responsibility of all members to uphold the principles of trade unionism, to faithfully comply with these By-Laws.

Section 4. A General Member will not be in good standing, when he -or- she has been found guilty by a trial board within the last year of any provision of these By-Laws or obligation of membership.

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