Article IX, Elections

Section 1. Elections of officers shall be held once each three {3} calendar years -or- more often as voted by the general membership.
Section 2. To be eligible for the election to office, a member must have been in continuous good standing for a period of not less than one {1} year at the time of election.
Section 3. Any general member in good standing shall be eligible to nominate candidates for office.
Section 4. The President shall establish an elections committee to establish rules to the election.
Section 5. The election committee shall provide reasonable notice of the nomination process to each eligible member with the following information:
1. Offices to be filled
2. Date for submitting nominations
3. Time for submitting nominations
4. Place for submitting nomination
5. Form for submitting nominations (written, oral or other method)
The nomination notices transmitted, and posted to the bulletin board or emailed.
Section 6. Once nominations are complete, the elections committee shall transmit elections notices to each member eligible to participate in the election, no less than fifteen {15} days prior to the election.
Section 7. The elections notice shall have the following information:
1. Date of the elections
2. Time of the elections
3. Location of the elections
4. Offices to be filled
Section 8. The nomination and election notice can be sent at the same time as long as the union allows reasonable time for nominations.
Section 9. No member that is running for office can participate in the elections process.
Section 10. In the event only one general member is running for a particular office, that member shall be deemed elected by acclamation.
Section 11. In the event an office is vacant, any general member in good standing shall be eligible for office.
Section 12. All general members in good standing on the first day of the month of the election shall be eligible to vote.
Section 13. Incoming officers shall be installed immediately following their election at the next general / business meeting.
Section 14. All elections of officers shall be conducted by Secret Ballot.
Section 15. All election requirements shall be in compliance with LMDRA.

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