20.1 The Company will provide full-time Officers the following ten (l0) paid holidays regardless of the day on which the holiday falls:
New Year’s Day Labor Day
Martin Luther King’s Day Columbus Day
Presidents Day Veterans Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day Christmas Day

20.2 Provided individual Officers have worked any hours during the week the holiday falls, they will receive eight (8) hours of Holiday Pay at their regular straight-time hourly rate. In addition, Officers who work on the actual day a holiday falls will be paid their straight time rate for all hours so worked. Appropriate overtime rules apply to the actual number of hours worked on a holiday or during a week in which a holiday falls. The eight (8) hours of Holiday Pay are not included as hours worked for the purpose of calculating overtime.
GTI Officers who are regularly scheduled to work ten (10) or twelve (12) hour shifts shall receive ten (10) or twelve (12) hours of Holiday Pay in the event they are not scheduled to work the holiday due to operational requirements (i.e. no mission scheduled that day).

20.3 Officers will receive Holiday Pay even if they are on approved paid time off (vacation, jury duty, bereavement leave, etc.)
20.4 Part-time Officers will receive Holiday Pay based on a prorated basis at the rate of 20% of wages worked the week of the holiday, regardless of the day on which the holiday falls.

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