Newsletter Update 3 24 20

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Why support your Local883

What have unions ever done for working people like us? Plenty. A lot of what we have today, things we take for granted, is the result of working men and women joining together in unions to make America even more a land of opportunity. Here are just few things working people like us, working together in unions are working for and continue to work for.

  • Protection from unfair terminations
  • Safety and health protections on the job
  • Fairness in promotions and job assignments
  • Sick leave
  • The 40 hour work a week
  • The 8 hour a day
  • Overtime pay
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Pensions
  • Better health plans
  • Higher wages

Then there’s the stuff you can’t put a price on dignity, respect, more opportunities for you and your family, and a real sea in what happens on the job. Unions have and will continue to make a big difference. With downsizing and mergers, Layoffs, changes in the economy and rising inequalities, working people like us need to  join together now more than ever. Nobody ever gave working people anything we earned it! The United Government Security Officers of America are still fighting to win respect and a fair deal for America’s working Detention Officer